[2022] Sudarshan Gurjar Geography Notes PDF Download

[2022] Sudarshan Gurjar Geography Notes PDF Download

[2022] Sudarshan Gurjar Geography Notes

Hello Students,

Sudarshan Gurjar Geography Notes PDF Download, Geography is the study of Earth’s physical features and human activity in this environment. It involves the use of concepts, methods, facts, and theories about the Earth’s material properties, its space environment, its inhabitants, and how humans interact with all of these components. It is a key requirement for students preparing to appear for competitive exams such as IAS, UPSC, Bank POs exams.

Geography is an important subject for competitive exams, but it is a boring subject. Sudarshan Gurjar Geography Notes PDF download brings the subject to life with interesting concepts and colourful images. The book is specially designed for students who want to crack competitive exams like UPSC and IAS.


Sudarshan Gurjar Geography Notes PDF download is best for competitive exams aspirants as it helps them to score good marks in their exams. Sudarshan Gurjar is a well-known name in India for competitive exams preparation. He has written many books that help students score good marks in all competitive exams.

Topics of Sudarshan Gurjar Geography Notes PDF Download

1. General Studies Paper – I Syllabus

It has 100 questions broadly covering the following topics carrying a maximum of 200 marks to be solved in 2 hours.

  • Current events of National & International importance.
  • History of India & Indian National Movement.
  • Indian & World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India & the World.
  • Indian Polity & Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.
  • Economic & Social Development – Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector Initiatives, etc.
  • General issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity & climate change – that do not require subject specialization.
  • General Science.

2. General Studies Paper-II Syllabus

It comprises 80 questions from the following topics carrying a maximum of 200 marks to be solved in 2 hours.

  • Comprehension.
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills.
  • Logical reasoning & analytical ability.
  • Decision making & problem-solving.
  • General mental ability.
  • Basic numeracy (numbers & their relations, orders of magnitude, etc.) (Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency, etc. – Class X level)

General Studies Paper-II of the IAS Exam is a qualifying paper with minimum qualifying marks fixed at 33%.

It is mandatory for a candidate to appear in both the Papers of the IAS Prelim Exam for the purpose of evaluation.

Benefits of Sudarshan Gurjar Geography Notes PDF Download

Sudarshan Gurjar is an Indian Author, who writes both fiction and non-fiction books. He has written many books on geography, current affairs, history and social science subjects.

He has written several books for all competitive exams aspirants. His best selling book to date is Geography Notes for Competitive Exams which is a bestseller in the category of geography for competitive exams. The book covers all the basic topics of geography for UPSC and other competitive exams.

         Topic Related Posts

         Related Topics

       Physical Geography
  1. Geomorphic Processes.
  2. Endogenic Forces and Evolution of Landforms.
  3. Volcanoes: Everything You Need To Know.
  4. Earthquakes: Everything You Need To Know.
  5. Exogenic Forces and their classification.
  6. Erosion and Deposition: Action of Running Water and Groundwater
  7. Erosion and Deposition: Action of Glaciers
  8. Erosion and Deposition: Action of Wind and Waves
  9. Major Landforms – Mountains, Plateaus, and Plains: Learn faster
  10. Interior of the Earth: Crust, Mantle and Core
  11. Earth’s Crust: Elements, Minerals and Rocks
  12. Water:
  13. Ocean Floor: Everything you need to know
  14. Major Ocean Currents: How to learn faster?
  15. Movements of ocean water: Waves, Tides and Ocean Currents
  16. Air:
  17. Composition and Structure of the Earth’s Atmosphere
  18. Insolation and Heat Balance of the Earth
  19. Clouds: How to Distinguish the Different Types of Clouds?
  20. Air masses: Origin and Classification
  21. Fronts: Types and Significance
  22. Winds: Classification and types
  23. Cyclones vs Anticyclones
  24. Jet streams: Characteristics, Types and Significance
  25. Rainfall: Different Types Explained in Layman’s Language
  26. Applications of Physical Geography: World Geography and Indian Geography
  27. Countries of the World Listed By Continent.
  28. Interesting Facts and Figures Regarding World Geography.
  29. Soils of India: Classification and Characteristics.
  30. Different soil types in India: Understand the differences.
  31. Causes of Soil Degradation and Methods for Soil Conservation.
  32. Urban Heat Islands.
  33. Human Geography
  34. Sectors of Economy: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary and Quinary
  35. Factors Responsible for the Location of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sector Industries in Various Parts of the World
  36. (Including India)
  37. Distribution of Major Industries: Location Factors
  38. Applications of Human Geography: World Geography and Indian Geography
  39. Indian Agriculture: Farming Types, Features and Challenges
  40. Cotton Cultivation in India: Important Things You Should Know
  41. Biosphere Reserves of India: Names and Location
  42. Geographical Indication (GI) Tags in India: Memorize Faster
  43. Ramsar sites (Wetlands) in India: Memorize faster
  44. UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites: Names from India

      Mains Geography IAS Questions

Sudarshan Gurjar Geography Notes

Q मरमरा सागर जोड़ता है-

(A) काला सागर और एजियन सागर को

(B) काला सागर और भूमध्य सागर को

(C) कैस्पियन सागर और आज़ोव सागर को

(D) काला सागर और कैस्पियन सागर को

Correct Answer : A

Q : निम्नलिखित में से कौन से कथन सही हैं?
( i ) पोटवार पठार पाकिस्तान में स्थित है।

( ii ) पेटागोनिया का पठार एंडीज़ पर्वत की तलहटी में स्थित है।

( iii ) तिब्बत का पठार हिमालय तथा कुनलुन पर्वत श्रेणी के मध्य स्थित है।


(A) ( i ) , ( ii ) एवं ( iii )

(B) ( i ) एवं( ii )

(C) ( i ) एवं ( iii )

(D) केवल ( iii )

Correct Answer : A

Q : ‘रिंग ऑफ फायर’ अवस्थित है –
(A) हिन्द महासागर में

(B) अटलाण्टिक महासागर में

(C) प्रशान्त महासागर में

(D) आर्कटिक महासागर

Correct Answer : C

Q : कौनसा एक मात्र महाद्वीप है जिससे कर्क रेखा भूमध्य रेखा और मकर रेखा गुजरती है?
(A) अफ्रीका

(B) एशिया

(C) उत्तरी अमेरिका

(D) यूरोप

Correct Answer : A

Q : ‘माउंट पोपा’ ज्वालामुखी स्थित है –
(A) इटली में

(B) जापान में

(C) म्यानमार में

(D) इण्डोनेशिया में

Correct Answer : C

Q : अनातोलिया का पठार अवस्थित है-
(A) न्यूजीलैण्ड में

(B) टर्की में

(C) ईरान में

(D) फ्रांस में

Correct Answer : B

Q : रॉकी पर्वतों की सर्वोच्च चोटी है-
(A) माउण्ट हुड

(B) एल्बर्ट

(C) ब्लांक

(D) रॉबसन

Correct Answer : B

Q : ‘S’ आकार का महासागरीय कटक है-
(A) प्रिंस एडवर्ड कटक

(B) मध्य अटलाण्टिक कटक

(C) सोकोत्रा कटक

(D) पूर्वी प्रशान्त कटक

Correct Answer: B

Q : निम्नलिखित में से कौनसा ( उष्ण कटिबन्धीय चक्रवात प्रभावित क्षेत्र) सही सुमेलित नहीं है?
(A) हरिकेन – अटलाण्टिक महासागर

(B) टायफून – पश्चिमी प्रशांत महासागर

(C) चक्रवात/सायक्लोन – हिन्द महासागर

(D) विली – विलीज़ – दक्षिण चीन सागर

Correct Answer : D

Q : कौनसा ज्वालामुखी क्षेत्र दस हजार धुआरों की घाटी के नाम से जाना जाता है ?
(A) कोटोपैक्सी

(B) चिम्बोराजो

(C) कटमई

(D) एटना

Correct Answer: C

What is the hottest continent on Earth?

(A) Asia

(B) Africa

(C) Europe

(D) South America

Correct Answer: B

Q : Which Indian state borders three countries, Nepal, Bhutan and China respectively?
(A) Meghalaya

(B) Arunachal Pradesh

(C) Sikkim

(D) West Bengal

Correct Answer: C

Q : The longest irrigation canal in India is-
(A) Sirhind Canal

(B) Yamuna Canal

(C) Indira Gandhi Canal

(D) East Kosi Canal

Correct Answer: C

Q : Which state of India is called the Sugar Bowl?
(A) Punjab

(B) Bihar

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Haryana

Correct Answer: C

Q : Where is the Central Drug Research Institute of India is located?
(A) Delhi

(B) Bangalore

(C) Madras

(D) Lucknow

Correct Answer : D

Q : What are the Indian states bordering Pakistan?
(A) Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir

(B) Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan

(C) Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab

(D) Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan

Correct Answer : B

Q : Which Indian state borders Nepal, Bhutan and China with three countries?
(A) Arunachal Pradesh

(B) Meghalaya

(C) West Bengal

(D) Sikkim

Correct Answer : D

Q : ______ is an important road link between Srinagar on one side and Kargil and Leh on the other side.
(A) Muling La

(B) Shipki La

(C) Zoji La

(D) Qara Tag La

Correct Answer : C

Q : The historical Sher Shah Suri Marg is called as:
(A) National Highway number 22

(B) National Highway Number 11

(C) National Highway Number 8

(D) National Highway number 1

Correct Answer : D

Q : Mikir Hills is located in which state?
(A) Meghalaya

(B) Assam

(C) Sikkim

(D) Jharkhand

Correct Answer : B

Q.31 Which of the following Indian states is broadly as large as the European Nation Greece ?

A. Tamil Nadu

B. Orissa

C. Bihar

D. Assam

Q.32 In which state is Jog falls located

A. Maharastra

B. Karnataka

C. Tamil nadu

D. Kerala

Q.33 Which one of the following hydroelectric projects does not belong to Tamil Nadu ?

A. Idukki

B. Aliyar

C. Periyar

D. Kundan



Geography Question and Answer

Q.34 The largest irrigated area in India is occupied by

A. Sugarcane

B. Rice

C. Cotton

D. Wheat

Q.35 Which state is not one of major producers of Bananas ?

A. Gujarat

B. Tamil Nadu

C. Bihar

D. Kerala

Q.36 For National Highway, the maximum speed in mountainous terrain is

A. 120 km per hour

B. 100 km per hour

C. 80 km per hour

D. 50 km per hour

Q.37 The most densely populated State in India is

A. Uttar Pradesh

B. Kerala

C. Bihar

D. West Bengal

Q.38 An important Nuclear Power Station in Tamil Nadu is

A. Meenambakkam

B. Kalapakkam

C. Thanjavur

D. Coimbatore

Q.39 Which one of the following states is the largest producer of black pepper in india?

A. Tamil nadu

B. Kerala

C. Karnataka

D. Andhrapradesh

Q.40 Which one of the following is a cash crop?

A. Wheat

B. Millets

C. Rice

D. Rubber


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