Best Geography Book for UPSC IAS Civil Services in Hindi English

Best Geography Book for UPSC IAS Civil Services in Hindi English

Best Geography Books PDF for UPSC

Geography of India by Majid Husain :- Majid Husain’s Indian geography book “Geography of India” is a very important book for civil services aspirants. Which is very popular amongst UPSC and State PCS students preparing for civil services or any state psc examinations. In this Old and New NCERT book almost all the topics are covered from Indian Geography (as per UPSC IAS Syllabus).

World Geography by Majid Husain :- Best Geography book for upsc, In this world geography book various geographical regions have been explained by Majid husain in a lucid manner. There are around eighteen chapters, which are easy to understand. Geography book for upsc in hindi, This World geography book is written by famous writer Majid Husain.

Oxford School Atlas :- The Oxford school atlas includes around 200 clear and easy-to-understand maps of Geography irrespective of the geographical borders and other things. This book has 94 thematic maps of India, which are explained by charts and diagrams. The oxford school atlas contains detailed with locater, agriculture, minerals, geographical, physical and political maps related to India and World. Oxford Atlas for India and the Orient Blackswan for world maps both are very important books for upsc preparation. There maps include themes such as climate, natural vegetation, biosphere reverse, wetlands, wildlife, industry, power projects, tourism, human development, time zone, environment and ecology concerns, and natural hazards.

Certificate Physical and Human Geography :- The author of this book is Goh Cheng Leong (GC Leong), Who covered all elementary details of most topics in this certificate geography book. All the topics of this book for upsc (physical and human geography) have been explained in an easy manner, with many charts, diagrams, photographs, Maps and illustrations with detailed explanation. The GC Leong geography book is very helpful and famous for UPSC IAS Civil services aspirants.

Physical, Human and Economic Geography for Civil Services Examination by D R Khuller :- This geography book is divided into two parts: 1st Part of this D R Khuller geography book covers Physical Geography and 2nd part of this book covers Human and Economic Geography. Following topics are covered in this book – -The Universe, the Solar System and the Earth – Lithosphere – The Atmosphere – Hydrosphere – Population – Settlements – Migrations – Natural Resources – Economic Activities – Minerals and Energy Resources – Manufacturing Industries – Transport and Communications


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