Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is: and our contact email id is [email protected] If you have any query regrading content, study material and any books than you can mail us at given mail id. Your privacy is first priority to us. At platform we have some rules, regulations and principles.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


When visitors leave comments on the our site, our system collect the data through a form which is shown in comment section. Like name, profile picture, email, IP address. When traffic comes to our website we use this IP address to detect spam, weather someone is spamming through comment or not.

When we approved your comment, the profile picture used by you will be visible to public in the comment section. To show the profile picture we are using Gravatar Services, so your email address may be provided to them.

2. Media

If you are using your own image as profile picture or in other ways, remember one thing, when you are uploading your images, you should avoid to upload those images which are embedded with your location/GPS. Because when you comment on some posts or articles, your comment will be available publicly so any visitors from the traffic can download or extract the uploaded images or your location if image is embedded with GPS or location.

3. Contact forms

On this website we are not using any contact forms at this time but in future if we use any contact form plugin for the customer service purposes. In this contact form we will ask for your personal data like – Name, Email, Address, Your Requirement etc. We will keep your data for 3 months period only. For more clarification we will not use your information for marketing purposes or will not share with any third party.

4. Cookies

If you leave a comment on our website you may opt-in to saving your name, email address and website in cookies. These cookies are for your convenience so that you do not have to fill in your details again and again. When you will leave a comment in future these cookies will fill your details automatically. After one year of service your cookies will be erased by our system.

If you visit our login/home page, we will ask to save your cookies, two options will be there accept or reject. If you allow us to store cookies than will set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. These cookie will not store any personal data. When you log in, we would set up several cookies to store your login information as well and your screen display choices to save your login details or not.

5. Embedded content from other websites

Products, Articles or Any Blog Posts on our website may include embedded content (Like links, videos, images, articles, etc.). When you visit so many websites and use their content, study material In the exact same way this embedded content behaves. This embedded content belongs to whatever website or Youtube channel, Twitter, Instagram, these websites may collect your data (whatever data is provided by you according to their requirement) Like your name, email, address, can use cookies and can monitor your information when you engaged with embedded content.

6. Who we share your data with

We will not share you personal data or any kind of information with any third party. We can use your data for our customer services purpose only. For business or marketing purpose we will not use your data.

7. How long we retain your data

Suppose you left a comment on our website. Now this comment will have some kind of information about you Like name, email, your profile images. So this comment and its meta data are retained till you delete the comment from your end or we delete your comment from our end. So you can say your comments metadata is retained for indefinite time period. By storing this metadata we can easily recognize you and will approve your comment as soon as possible. By doing this comments moderation queue can be avoided.

This information is for those users who are registered with our website or created an account on our website, whatever information is filled by you during registration process we store that info. You can edit or delete your personal information any time. We store this date till you have account on our website.

8. What rights you have over your data

Your data is yours. We are none to use your personal data without your permission. If you have created an account on our website, or you have left any comment than you can request us to delete your data or ask us to erase any kind of personal data that we hold about you. For clarification purpose, your data will not be used for administrative, legal, Business, Marketing or security purposes. You can any time ask us to delete your data as per terms and conditions.

9. Your contact information

If you have any doubt or Privacy policy concerns, you can contact us through our email id – [email protected]