Sociology optional books pdf for UPSC Civil Services

Sociology optional books pdf for UPSC Civil Services

Sociology Books to read for Civil Services exam

Sociology plays an important role in general studies papers and sociology optional paper in preliminary and mains examination of UPSC IAS civil services. In this article we will discuss about sociology optional books pdf. As per toppers or seniors sociology is a easiest and scoring optional subjects. That’s why many civil services aspirants choose Sociology as their optional subject for IAS mains exam.

The sociology optional subject has two papers in IAS mains exam paper 1 and paper 2 (Sociology optional books pdf). Sociology syllabus for paper 1 deals with fundamentals of sociology and paper 2 deals with Indian society, what is the structure of Indian society and its parodically changes. The syllabus of Sociology can be covered if you follow right strategy and approach.

FAQs on Sociology optional subject

Which is the best book for sociology optional?

Sociology Themes and Perspectives – Michael Haralambos, Martin Holborn

Is sociology optional easy?

Yes, its scoring as well.

Which is better history or sociology?

Both are good.

What should I study for sociology optional?

Coaching class notes, NCERT, IGNOU Books, haralambos and holborn, ritzer, Indian sociological standard books.

Is sociology a scoring optional?

Yes, Its high scoring subject.

Is coaching necessary for sociology optional?

Yes, because optional required depth specific knowledge of subject.

What is the highest marks in sociology optional?


Best Sociology Optional Books PDF list for UPSC IAS

Study material whether it is classroom notes or standard books or test series plays an important role during preparation of sociology option. In below table, we are providing books for sociology mains paper 1.

Sociology – Anthony Giddens
Sociological Theory – Ritzer George
Sociology – Haralambos & Holborn
Oxford Dictionary Of Sociology
Sociological Thought – M Francis Abraham and John Henry Morgan
Political Theory – O P Gauba
UPSC Topper CSE 2017,  Rank 2, Anu Kumari – Download Sociology Option Notes

Sociology Study Material for Civil Services Mains Examination

For sociology mains civil services examination, there are plenty of class notes, sociology optional books pdf and study material is available in the market. But in below list, we are giving some important books list which are followed by toppers.

Sociology Themes and Perspectives – Michael Haralambos, Martin Holborn
Society In India: Concepts, Theories And Recent Trends – Ram Ahuja
Social Problems In India – Ram Ahuja
Sociology – Anthony Giddens
Sociological Theory – George Ritzer
Oxford Dictionary Of Sociology
Modernization Of Indian Tradition – Yogendra Singh
Sociological Thought – Francis Abraham, John Henry Morgan
Social Change In Modern India – M. N. SRINIVAS
Caste Its Twentieth Century Avatar – M. N. SRINIVAS
Persistence and Change in Tribal India – M.V. Rao
Social Background of Indian Nationalism – A. R. Desai

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