Vajiram and Ravi Mahapatra Sir Sociology Class Notes PDF

Vajiram and Ravi Mahapatra Sir Sociology Class Notes PDF

Vajiram and Ravi Mahapatra Sir Sociology Class Notes PDF

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Sociology Optional – Topic-wise Question Papers [ Paper-1 ]

1. Sociology – The Discipline 

  1. From the viewpoint of growing importance of multidisciplinary, how do you relate sociology to other social sciences? (2021)
  2. How is Sociology related to common sense? (2021)
  3. How did the Intellectual forces lead to the emergence of Sociology? Discuss (2020)
  4. In the Context of globalization, has the scope of Sociology been changing in India? Comment (2020)
  5. Discuss the historical antecedents of the emergence of Sociology as a discipline. (2019)
  6. The focal point of sociology rests on interaction. How do you distinguish it from common sense? (2018)
  7. “The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relationship between the two in a society.” – C.W.Mills. Explain. (2018)
  8. Explain how sociology has emerged as a distinct discipline based on rationality and scientific temper. (2017)
  9. Discuss the changing equations of discipline of sociology with other social sciences. (2017)
  10. “Sociology is pre-eminently study of modern societies.” Discuss. (2016)
  11. Is sociology common sense? Give reasons in support of your argument. (2016)
  12. How had enlightenment contributed to the emergence of Sociology? (2015)
  13. Write short answer of the following in about 150 words: How did the emergence of industrial society change the family life in Western Europe? (2014)
  14. Write short answer of the following in about 150 words: How is sociological approach to human actions different from that of psychological approach? (2014)
  15. “Sociology emerged in Europe and flourished to begin with on social reformist orientation in the U.S.A.” – Comment. (150 words) (2013)
  16. Compare and contrast Sociology with Anthropology. (2013)
  17. How did the French revolution and Industrial revolution play an important role in the emergence of Sociology? (2012)
  18. Write short note on Emergence of Sociology is an outcome of modernity and social change in Europe, keeping sociological perspective in view. In about 150 words. (2011)
  19. What can Sociology show us about our actions? Discuss the practical significance of Sociology (2011)
  20. “Sociology without History is rootless and History without Sociology is fruitless.” Elaborate (2010)
  21. Write short note on Comparison between Sociology and Economics (2009)
  22. How is emergence of sociology linked with modernization of Europe (2008)
  23. Short note: Intellectual background for the emergence of sociology. (2006)
  24. Write short note: Sociology and its relationship with economics and political science (2005)
  25. Write short note: Sociology as an interpretative discipline. (2001)
  26. Write short note: Sociology and social anthropology. (2000)
  27. Write short note: Sociology as a by-product of Industrial Revolution. (1999)
  28. Write short note: Intellectual sources for the rise of Sociology. (1994)
  29. Write short note: Ideology and the emergence of sociology. (1993)
  30. Had the French Revolution anything to do with the emergency of Sociology in Europe? Make a critical study. (1989)
  31. Explain the basic premises of the anti-positivist attack on sociology. Do you agree with these? Substantiate your answer. (1988)
  32. Do you agree with the view that sociology can never be a science? What limitations need to be taken into consideration in the scientific study of social phenomena? (1984)
  33. 2. Sociology as Science
  34. Do you think ethnomethodology helps us in getting reliable and valid data? Justify your answer. (2021)
  35. How far are sociologists justified in using positivist approach to understand social reality? Explain with suitable illustrations. (2021)
  36. Methodology is a system of rules, Principles and procedures, which forms scientific investigation. Comment. (2020)
  37. Phenomenological perspectives in Sociology reject many of the assumption of positivism, Comment. (2020)
  38. Is Sociology a Value -free Science? Discuss. (2020)
  39. Is non-positivistic methodology scientific? Illustrate (2018)
  40. Does scientific method make Sociology a science? Illustrate your answer with Durkheim’s method. (2018)
  41. Explain with examples, the explanatory and exploratory designs of social research (2018)
  42. Examine ethnomethodological and phenomenological perspectives as critique of positivism (2017)
  43. Examine the basic postulates of positivism and post-positivism. (2017)
  44. Elaborate the main tenets of interpretative perspective in sociology (2017)
  45. What is ‘value-free sociology’ ? Clarify (2016)
  46. Describe the basic postulates of scientific method. How far are these followed in sociological research ? (2016)
  47. Is Sociology a Science ? Give reasons for your answer? (2015)
  48. Discuss the relevance of historical method in the study of society ? (2015)
  49. “Non-positivistic methodology is essential for understanding human behaviour.” Discuss. (2015)
  50. Write short answer of the following in about 150 words : How is objectivity different from value neutrality ? Discuss with reference to Weber’s views on methodology. (2014)
  51. In what way ‘interpretative’ method is different from ‘positivist’ approach in the study of social  phenomena ? (2014)
  52. Critically examine positivistic approach in sociological studies. (150 words) (2013)
  53. Write short note on the following, keeping sociological perspective in view : Interpretative Sociology. (2012)
  54. Write short note on the following, keeping sociological perspective in view : Fact Value and Objectivity (2012)
  55. Write short note on Fact and Value, keeni,, sociological perspective in view. In about 150 words. (2011)
  56. Write short note on Serendipity. (2010)
  57. Comment on the reasons why neo-idealists and symbolic interactionists are critical of ‘positivism’ in Sociology (2009)
  58. Write short note on Problems of objectivity in sociological research (2009)
  59. Write short note : Role of values in sociological enquiry (2008)
  60. Write short note : Sociology as a science of society. (2007)
  61. Write short note : Social research design. (2005)
  62. Objectivity and Value Neutrality in Social Research. (2004)

Sociology Class Notes Questions

Q1) A community generally includes a number of neighbourhoods. Is it correct?

Answer: Yes.

Q2) Which one is a “Mass Society”?

Answer: Gesellschaft.

Q3) A rural community is characterised by:

Answer: Community sentiment.

Q4) A traditional society is not characterised by:

Answer: Competition.

Q5) Modern Society is characterised by:

Answer: Virtually all occupational statuses are achieved.

Q6) A person in a society occupies:

Answer: A number of statuses.

Q7) Society is group, but most groups are not societies. Is it correct?

Answer: Yes.

Q8) Who put “Society is the largest group in which human beings live”?

Answer: Robert Morrison MacIver.

Q9) Who coined little community and great community in India?

Answer: Milton Singer.

Q10) Who related function of institution to biological needs?

Answer: Bronisław Malinowski.

Q11) Sumner called an institution deliberately formed to satisfy needs:

Answer: Enacted.

Q12) Post industrial society is characterised by:

Answer: Predominance of services sector over manufacturing sector.

Q13) The German word ‘Gemeinschaft’ means:

Answer: Community.

Q14) Is ‘great tradition’ a characteristic of little community?

Answer: No.

Q15) Who said little community is not depending as large urban communities for survival?

Answer: Robert Redfield.

Q16) Who first coined the term post industrial society?

Answer: Daniel Bell.

Q17) When Daniel Bell coined the term post industrial society?

Answer: 1962.


Answer: G.D.H. Cole.

Q19) Who said, “Without co-operation society connot exist”?

Answer: Gisbert.

Q20) Who defined community as an area of social living marked by some degree of social coherence’?

Answer: Robert Morrison MacIver.

Q21) What is the meaning ‘Community Sentiment’?

Answer: Feeling of belongings together.

Q22) The word community is derived from:

Answer: Two Latin words.

Q23) What is the meaning of the term community?

Answer: To serve together.

Q24) The word society comes from:

Answer: Socius.

Q25) A definite locality is necessary for a society. Is it correct?

Answer: Yes.

Sociology Questions and Answers – Sociology of Education Questions Part 2

Q26) A definite locality is essential for a community. Is it correct?

Answer: Yes.

Q27) An association is deliberately formed. Is it correct?

Answer: Yes.

Q28) Membership in association is voluntary. Is it correct?

Answer: Yes.

Q29) Who divided institutional functions into manifest and latent?

Answer: Robert K. Merton.

Q30) Are institutions compulsory for the individual?

Answer: Yes.

Q31) Associations meet only:

Answer: Secondary needs of the people.

Q32) Association is partial and community is:

Answer: Whole.

Q33) Aim of society is general while that of association is:

Answer: Particular.

Synonyms & Antonyms of question (Entry 2 of 2)

1to demand proof of the truth or rightness of

  • the teenager openly questioned the authority of the town’s police force to impose a curfew on residents under the age of 18

Synonyms for question

  • challenge,
  • contest,
  • dispute,
  • impeach,
  • oppugn,
  • query

Words Related to question

  • doubt,
  • mistrust
  • kick (about),
  • object (to),
  • protest
  • combat,
  • fight,
  • oppose,
  • resist

Phrases Synonymous with question

  • call in question
  •  (or call into question)

Near Antonyms for question

  • back,
  • defend,
  • support
  • advocate,
  • champion,
  • promote
  • abide,
  • endure,
  • stomach,
  • tolerate

Antonyms for question

  • accept,
  • believe,
  • embrace,
  • swallow

2to give serious and careful thought to

  • question your motives before you file the lawsuit: do you really care about the trees, or are you just trying to harass the neighbors?

Synonyms for question

  • chew over,
  • cogitate,
  • consider,
  • contemplate,
  • debate,
  • deliberate,
  • entertain,
  • eye,
  • kick around,
  • meditate,
  • mull (over),
  • perpend,
  • ponder,
  • pore (over),
  • revolve,
  • ruminate,
  • study,
  • think (about or over),
  • turn,
  • weigh,
  • wrestle (with)

Words Related to question

  • muse (upon),
  • reflect (on or upon),
  • reminisce
  • analyze,
  • explore,
  • review
  • conclude,
  • reason
  • second-guess,
  • speculate (about)
  • brood (about or over),
  • dwell (on or upon),
  • fixate (on or upon),
  • fret (about or over),
  • obsess (about or over)
  • believe,
  • conceive,
  • opine
  • absorb,
  • assimilate,
  • digest,
  • drink (in)

Phrases Synonymous with question

  • beat one’s brains out (about),
  • chew on,
  • cudgel one’s brains (about),
  • look at

Near Antonyms for question

  • disregard,
  • ignore,
  • overlook,
  • slight
  • dismiss,
  • pooh-pooh
  •  (also pooh),
  • reject

3to have no trust or confidence in

  • it was apparent that voters were questioning the President’s ability to manage the economy

Synonyms for question

  • distrust,
  • doubt,
  • misdoubt,
  • mistrust,
  • suspect

Words Related to question

  • disbelieve,
  • discount,
  • discredit,
  • negate

Near Antonyms for question

  • bank (on or upon),
  • count (on or upon),
  • depend (on or upon),
  • rely (on or upon)

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