Which test series is best for UPSC prelims and IAS CSE Mains

Which test series is best for UPSC prelims and IAS CSE Mains

Which prelims and mains test series is best for upsc ?

Which test series is best for UPSC prelims and IAS CSE Mains – Union Public Service Commission (which is known as UPSC) is India’s Central Recruiting Agency. UPSC conducts various exams each and every year like IAS Civil services examination CSE, Indian Forest Service IFS, National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination NDA, etc.

For the preparation of above mentioned examinations the best test series plays an important role. All UPSC CSE aspirants follow the test series to understand the exam pattern and their subject knowledge. IAS aspirants mainly used to join various coaching centers for test series purpose only and test their preparation. Some candidates use online platforms for test series. But now question is, which is the best test series coaching or online platform.

Which is best test series for upsc civil services exam ?

As you know, one of the superior tool to do your revision of entire syllabus is Prelims and Mains test series. Solving and analyzing prelims and mains mock tests will help you in self-assessment and strengthen your UPSC civil services preparations.

A good UPSC IAS prelims and civil services mains test series can be a very important key tool that can improve your final preparations of general studies and current affairs. But now questions is, Which test series is best for IAS prelims and CSE Mains ? A good prelims and mains exam test series should have following points –

  • 1. Should enable complete revision of NCERT books as well as standard reference books recommended for preparation of UPSC Civil Services exam.
  • 2. Should be closely aligned with UPSC Exam pattern
  • 3. Should cover both static syllabus as well as important current affairs
  • 4. Should enable students to identify knowledge gaps and strengthen their weak areas

Top UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains Test Series

So here in below listing, we are mentioning about the best prelims and mains test series for civil services exam –

  • IASbaba.com, Delhi & Bangalore.
  • MANIFEST IAS, Bangalore.
  • Chanakya IAS Academy.
  • Vajiram & Ravi, Chennai & Delhi.
  • BYJU’S.
  • Rau’s IAS Study Circle.
  • Plutus IAS Test Series.
  • Sprint UPSC. Sprint UPSC is again one of the well-known UPSC test preparation platforms for a long time.

FAQs on IAS Test Series

Which test series is best for UPSC 2021?

Vajiram & Ravi, Vision IAS, Drishti, INSIGHTS IAS, Sriram IAS, IASbaba.com, Rau’s IAS, MANIFEST IAS, Chanakya IAS Academy, Rau’s IAS, GS Score etc.

Is there any free test series for UPSC?

ExcelOnAcademy test series for 20 aspirants who belongs to economically weaker background.

Which is best Test series?

Please read 1st question.

Will UPSC 2021 be postponed?

Yes. New dates announced by UPSC.

Which is best prelims Test series?

Rau’s IAS, Vajiram & Ravi, Drishti, INSIGHTS IAS, Vision IAS, Sriram IAS.

Can I get free test series?

Yes, At InsightsIAS website follow Intensive Prelims Booster Test Series.

Which is better vision IAS or Vajiram and Ravi?

Both are good choice.

How is Vajiram and Ravi Test series?

Extremely good for UPSC exam preparation

Is one Test series enough for UPSC Prelims?


Is online test series good for UPSC?

Follow InsightsonIndia (InsightsIAS)

Which is better vision IAS or Drishti IAS?

Drishti IAS study material stands tall in front of Vision IAS Notes

How can I get Vajiram and Ravi Test series?

Download and Login to VajiramIAS App

What is a good score in Vajiram Test series?


Which test series is better vision or Vajiram?

For prelims – VISION and For mains -Vajiram


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